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Surya offers a wide range of complex and multi-step synthesis capabilities. We have an array of flexible reactors which helps us manage our production activities in a more efficient manner thus helping us tackle emergency demands arising from the customers.

In addition to in-house requirements, the company utilizes its facilities for contract manufacturing on a principal to principal or loan license basis for several large companies. We guarantee to maintain a strong level of confidentiality on the projects we handle.

Our ability to deliver on time to decided specifications has enabled our customers to repose self-belief in us for their needs.

Reaction capability:

Expertise in Hydrogenation Reactions.
» Friedel craft alkylation
» Friedel craft acetylation
» Bromination
» Chlorination
» Diazotization
» Esterification
» High Vacuum Distillation
» Hydrogenation (up to 25kg/cm2 pr.)
» Reduction reaction
» Willgerodt reaction
» Methoxylation
» Nitration
» Oxidation
» Grignard Reaction
» Sandmeyer Reaction
» Condensation reaction
» Herbal extraction
Catalytic reduction.
Temperature range: -10 to 180 deg, 
Cat: Ni/Pd/Ru/Pt.
All possible substrates including ring hydrogenation.

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